Dating While Traveling

Dating while traveling can be tough. When you are on the go it can be hard to get to know someone or find free time to meet and connect with people. Dating while globe trotting can also be amazing. Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures while developing a romantic connection can be a unique part of the traveling adventure. There are definitely some tools and tips that make dating while traveling an experience worth pursuing.

Meeting People

Meeting people to date is the first step. My favorite way to do this is to simply be friendly, talk to people, and introduce myself. By making this a practice when traveling I have met cool people, gone on dates, made friends, and developed romantic relationships. I have also been treated rudely, rejected, and straight up ignored. This is to say, results may vary. I understand that not everyone is so extroverted or comfortable just talking to people. I find that dating apps and websites are a great way to connect with singles around the world. The nice part about this route is that you can be assured that people are interested in a romantic connection of some type. If you are interested in a wine and dine experience, you can look for that. If you want a hot foreign fling, hook up apps are great for those. Even if you want to get married there are online services for that too. Once you meet someone it is a whole other challenge to break through language and cultural barriers.

Breaking Barriers

Whenever connecting with someone who was born and raised in a different place than you there undoubtedly be some differences to overcome. The beauty of this is that they usually aren’t the most important aspects of people’s character and personality and more often than not you can learn some amazing things about the culture of your current location by getting to know one of its residents. Of course it helps to know some of the language of the land you are in. If it is tough, language exchange can be a great way to connect with a new person that doesn’t share your native tongue…yet(I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) Really though, learning and teaching new words is really fun and engaging. Dates can be a great way to get a free tour guide with the local secrets too. Ask your new friend to show you around, take you to their favorite spots, and teach you about their culture and traditions.

I know that dating can be difficult no matter where you are, but I honestly encourage anyone who is single and traveling to take the time and energy to give it a shot. I am confident that you and your adventure will be better for it. As always best of luck and safe travels!