Hack The Pack!

business travel packing tips
Here is a great video with some packing tips: There are a number of great articles and videos out there with really clever tips for packing effectively. Packing effectively means having everything you need and almost nothing superfluous. This video offers a lot of ideas about how to do this in the most efficient way possible. Over my years of travel I have watched my size and amount of luggage decrease drastically and this alone has taken a large amount of stress out of the travel process. My packing goal is always to have just a carry on and personal bag to avoid baggage claim at all costs. If I can get everything I need in my backpack, then I feel like a travel god! Packing well really is an art-form that gets better with practice. I can head to the airport with confidence in my preparedness much faster than I used to be able to, which means I save it until the last minute most times. If you know that packing isn’t your forte or you don’t do it with much frequency, then do yourself a favor and don’t leave it until the last minute. Allot the time carefully consider everything you might need.…

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