Ideal massages to get on vacation

There are various forms of massages, from classics such as deep tissue and Swedish to more interesting techniques like Shiatsu. If you want to expand a bit or have an injury, selecting a type of massage can be puzzling if you are not sure what it entails. Here is a list of the ideal types of massages that you can try during your vacation.

Swedish Massage Therapy

The usual type of massage offered in most gyms, clinics, fitness centres and spas, Swedish massage is handy with massage therapy as well. The basis of Swedish massage is Western concepts of physiology and anatomy compared to the most common energetic methods in Asian massage forms. When using lotion or oil, masseurs usually start with general movements and then move on to certain movements to treat problem areas.

There are five basic movements in Swedish massage therapy: effleurage (long soft strokes), petrissage (kneading, gently sloping and lifting), friction (small circular movements or wringing), tapotement (percussion) and vibration (oscillating and shaking movements). Swedish massage provides complete muscle relaxation and can be particularly useful when recuperating from an injury. Maybe you had a date the night before and you decided to skip the games and get right into it. If your back is feeling a bit sore after that date night, the Swedish massage might be just what you need.

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a Swedish massage with fragrant vegetable oils (known as essential oils) added to the massage oil. Extracts of flowers and other plant parts provide essential oils with a pleasant aroma and are believed to have curative properties. Rose and lavender, for example, are known to encourage relaxation. Although oils may be preferred to meet specific requirements, the therapist usually uses premixed oils to calm down, rejuvenate, or enhance.

Comforting effects of aromatherapy massage can aid for a variety of conditions, including insomnia, headaches, back pain, certain digestive disarray and even premenstrual symptoms. Before you receive an aromatherapy massage, you should not be sensitive to any of the plants in oils as it may cause a skin reaction.

Hot Stone Massage

As the name implies, warm stones are utilized to perform massage of this type. The therapist places hot and polished stones in certain points of the body and holds the hot stones during the massage. The stones are generally basalt (a volcanic rock that stores heat well).
The heat of the stones can be soothing and relaxes tight muscles, allowing the therapist to quickly reach all areas of muscle tension. If you have some conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins or heart disease, you should consult with your doctor before planning a hot stone massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a targeted therapeutic massage aimed at muscle knots (also called adhesions) and particular problem areas in the deeper muscle and connective tissue layers. Through targeted and slow movements and friction in the entire muscle tissue, the therapist aims at chronically taut or painful muscles, recurring stress, posture or injuries.

It is true that the pressure in the deep tissue is usually more intense than with a Swedish massage. However, it should not be throbbing to be useful. If you feel pain, tell your masseuse immediately. This type of massage is especially useful for persons with chronic pain or persistent injuries that cause limited movability. It is useful in the treatment of repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow and may be useful in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Shiatsu Massage

One form of Japanese bodywork, Shiatsu, involves localized pressure with the fingers of the therapist (or sometimes elbows and hands) applied in a periodic sequence throughout the body. Each spot is gripped for about two to eight seconds. The objective of Shiatsu is to provoke acupressure points in the body to develop energy flow and restore balance.

Since no lotion or oil is used, spacious clothing is used. Shiatsu is usually performed on a mat on the floor or on a low massage table and is often used to relieve stress and protect against stress-related health problems. It is also believed to be effective in the treatment of conditions such as insomnia, arthritis, neck and back pain, sinus problems and even sciatica. Shiatsu can be of assistance to boost energy, encourage recovery from injury, and trigger the digestive system.

Thai Massage

A unique combination of passive stretching, assisted yoga and pressure massage, the Thai massage is more energetic than other forms of massage. It’s a bit similar to yoga without doing the effort as the therapist moves and lengthens it in a sequence of positions, usually on a carpet on the floor.

Like Shiatsu, Thai massage focuses on the energies of the body. The masseuse uses periodic compression down the body’s energy lines to relieve stress and boost flexibility and freedom of movement. You can be fully dressed while performing this massage. This type of massage can decrease back pain and muscle spasticity and has been proven in the treatment of migraine symptoms and balance problems.

A Final Word

If you are planning for a massage therapy, pay attention to what kind of massage a professional can offer. Bring it in line with the benefits you expect from the massage. You can chat with various professionals to find one that fits your needs. Also talk about allergies you have, such as flavours or vegetable oils, so that your massage is relaxing and soothing without worries.